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About Guy UsinU

(Guy Allan Wilthew (Hardy) Farrin)

A Brighton based artist, Guy spent many years as a graphic designer, then a 3D computer generated visualiser in large advertising houses in London. He has worked on many worldwide campaigns for household name corporate clients.

On a sudden whim, at the age of forty-nine, he decided to try and create some  art for himself, picking up a brush and an oil palate and just seeing where it led... he painted a Bat with a BDSM symbol in his fur, it felt like an epiphany. His family history has a lineage of oil painting artists, so he fully believed he could just pick up a brush and do it. That belief, he thinks, was self fulfilling.The response to the work he's completed over the last three years he has found humbling and the story is on-going...

Winning entry @ EAL2019.
OXO Wharf Gallery London.

First ever oil painting, 2016. SOLD in USA.


East Sussex.

Text: +44 (0)7525 941975

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