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Hardback large format full colour collection of fine art oil paintings produced by Guy UsinU...

‘Punk Goth Bat’ No.1
‘...Do Not Go Gentle...’
‘...for ‘i’ have sinned...’
‘A Knot’
‘Torture Garden’
‘Still-Life - Basket of Fruit’
‘Show Ponies’
‘Gwen & Mark’
‘Dude - with Suki & Troy’
‘So Sad Sunday’
‘Don’t shoot!’
‘A change of Heart’
‘Alaric - Phi’
‘Ariane - ACT’
‘The Writer’
‘Luyk, Dion Luyk’
‘Essex Mock-Tudor’
‘AKA - The Earl’
‘Danny McKenzie’
‘Enlightened by The Order of Time’
‘JokHer v BatGuy’
‘The Rood Gateway’
‘Look!’ No. 2
‘I dare you!’
‘Howl at the Moon, give me the Thorns not the Roses’
‘Red Head’
‘Diamond Cats’
‘The Bat & The Cat - a Dark Knight out on the tiles...’
‘The Princess and the Chains’
‘SkyBat 2’
‘Why do birds suddenly appear?’
‘sub & Dom, Colour Blind’
‘Athena with Apollo & Brutus’
‘puppy with Venom’
‘Locked-Down - the lunatics have taken over the...’
‘UsinU - the Horned King of nothing’

£19.99 from Amazon...
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