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  What is it every artist is trying to achieve? Perfection?Recognition? Fame? Wealth?... Or are they trying to convey something of themselves? To understand the inner workings of what it is to be a human and how that manifests into the people and the world around them?

  What shall I paint?

  Do I try to convey a message? Symbolism? Allegory? A legend? A myth? A story? A sex scene?

  All questions every artist since the cave has been grappling with and no doubt will continue to do so ad infinitum. My ancestors painted religion, I consider myself to be currently painting what has replaced it in the age of nihilism, identity, sexuality and self obsession.

  So I'm trying to paint something that challenges the viewer, that dances on the edge of socially and culturally acceptable. Dares the observer to step outside of convention, to hang one of my paintings is going to require something other than just money, something more important than money... you won't see one of my paintings in a high street gallery!

    Don't buy art to try and make money, buy it because you...

                                ...LOVE IT! or not at all.

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